K & L Trucking Inc. is equipped to handle whatever transportation need you may have.  No job is too big or too small.  We provide services for individuals, landscapers, construction companies, contractors, municipalities, and provide support services for the oil and gas industry.  Our fleet is maintained and ready to be dispatched to wherever the job takes us.  We have the equipment, the manpower, and the knowledge to get the job done.


Dump Trucks


We currently have two dump trucks that we use for transporting stone, gravel, dirt, mulch, and salt.  We also haul asphalt for paving companies.  We are DEC and DEP certified to haul residual waste to landfills throughout NY and PA.  With this certification, we are able to work on environmental cleanup jobsites and haul drill cuttings for the oil and gas industry.  Our trucks are registered for the maximum weight allowed in all the states.  We are approved by PUC in Pennsylvania to haul material from point A to point B, within the state.

Tractor Trailer


We own one tractor trailer that we use to transport pipe, flat steel, mats, lumber, and hay bales.  We work for manufacturing firms, constructions companies, and local farmers.  We also haul logs for private individuals or companies.  Our truck is licensed at 102,000 lbs.

Log Trailer


We use our log trailer for transporting logs to mills, hardware stores, and lumber yards.

Dump Trailer


Our dump trailer is used to haul the larger loads of gravel, stone, mulch, and salt.

Flatbed Trailers


Our fleet includes a 40' gooseneck trailer and a 20' trailer.  We can use these to haul small to medium loads.  We can haul steel, pipe, pallet loads, concrete barriers, hay bales, etc.  We used our  40' trailer to transport 300 Christmas trees for the Boy Scouts.

Tanker Truck


At K & L Trucking Inc. we have a vacuum water truck, that is DEC and DEP licensed to use on jobs that require transporting residual liquids. With our Masport vacuum pump we are able to fill and empty pools and ponds.